Conference Scholarship

Are you interested in attending a Down Syndrome conference? … We’d like to help!

The Board of Directors of the Northwest Iowa Down Syndrome Society has approved a scholarship program for families in NW Iowa wishing to attend a Down Syndrome conference.  A scholarship fund has been established, and scholarships may be granted up to a maximum of $1,000 per family.  The dollar amount per family is contingent upon how many scholarship applications we receive for the conference.  The scholarship will assist in covering the conference registration fees, travel expenses, and hotel expenses during the conference.

Scholarship Information

  • The scholarship dollars are reimbursable after the conference and upon submitting proof of attendance at the convention (i.e. confirmed conference registration document) and receipts covering and/or exceeding the dollar amount received by the family.  Expenses covered by the scholarship are conference registration, hotel, and travel.  All receipts and proof of conference attendance will need to be submitted to Donna Seehusen, Northwest Iowa Down Syndrome Society, 50382 160th Ave, Pocahontas, Iowa, 50574.

  • Details will be confirmed with family receiving the scholarship award.

  • For more information about the scholarship please contact Tara Rochleau at 515-341-7004 or Donna Seehusen at 712-335-3279.


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1.) Tell us about you and your family. 2.) Tell us about your family member with Down Syndrome. 3.) Tell us why you'd like to go to a Down Syndrome conference and how this scholarship can assist you.